Purple Brush Stoke Element

Offered by Bountiful School of Ballet


Proven method for 2 – 5-year-olds. There are four pillars of Twinkle Star Dance that make up the Twinkle Star Method.

Skill Building is the essential base that all dancers need when they start out. They continue to fine tune these skills throughout their dance life. Curriculum is key, and Twinkle Star offers proven options that teachers rely on to keep class effective, valuable, and fun for the littlest students.

Center movement builds on all the skills they’ve been learning. Center combinations are taught and practiced. Dancers really start to dance and move together as a core of tiny dancers. Center Movement is key to experience before they begin to learn choreography for the recital. The dancers get a taste of performance before the big show.

Keep the dancers coming back for more with fun activities, storylines, and sweetness that every little dancer dreams of. They will beg to come back to class.

The big day! They will never forget their first performance – such a fun time for our tiny dancers and their parents!


Inclusive Monthly Pricing- $65/month

Monthly Tuition

Registration Fee

Class Uniform(dance dress and tights)

Sparkle the Bear (classroom prop)

Bundles Pricing

Add on Shoe and Bag Bundle $60 *Optional

Size at BSOB – we will order and have delivered to class!

Ballet Shoes

Tap Shoes

Sparkle Drawstring Bag

**Recital Bundle $85 *Required for Performance **

Due by November 1

Recital Costume

Recital Tights

Participation Fee

Classes and Enrollment

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Classes begin August 30th

2 & 3 Year Old’s

Tuesday 10:00am – 10:45am

Wednesday 10:00am – 10:45am

3 & 4 Year Old’s

Tuesday 10:45am- 11:30am

Wednesday 10:45am – 11:30am

4 & 5 Year Old’s


Current B S OB Dancers

Priority placement for Fall 2022

Shoe Bundle discount will be available for current BSOB dancers. If you do not need ballet slippers Bundle price will be $40.